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Fire Cupping


The many benefits of cupping therapy

For thousands of years cupping therapy has been done to ease the symptoms of a variety of conditions including body pain, asthma, irritable bowel disease, headaches, hypertension, the common cold, and arthritis. Cupping reduces pain and inflammation, relaxes muscles, improves blood flow, and increases range of motion.

Before your treatment make sure to be well hydrated and not hungry. While the suction cups are first on your body they may feel tight, and then you may feel a sense of deep relaxation. Afterwards you may feel tired and need to rest, or you may feel relaxed and refreshed.‍ It is important to stay covered and not take a shower or bath for 3 hours after your session, as your pores are open and we do not want to allow any potential pathogens to enter. It is also important to continue to hydrate to help flush out any stagnation. The color and quality of the marks the cupping leaves reflect the condition of your body. It is common for your first session to have the darkest longest lasting marks (up to 2-3 weeks) and future sessions to be lighter marks disappearing much more quickly. 

Cupping is NOT for you if you are pregnant or feeling weak. Also cupping should not be done if you have a bleeding disorder or are on anticoagulants, have various skin conditions including infections, allergies, psoriasis, or ulcers, have edema, a high fever, or are prone to convulsions.

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